EU Parliament approves best common charging cable from 2024


European MPs voted in favor of a law that requires all new portable devices use the same type charging cable.

Smartphones and tablets including the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod would need to charge via USB-C from 2024. Laptop manufacturers would have to wait until 2026 for this change.

602 votes were cast in favor, 13 against and eight abstentions.

EU Before the rule is signed by the parliament, approval from the member states will be given on 24 October.

In June 2022, the UK government informed BBC News that it had not yet considered introducing a common charging cable after a provisional agreement was reached by the European Union.

However, Northern Ireland could be subject to the new regulations under the existing post-Brexit arrangements.

According to a December 2021 report, the “new requirements” could also apply to devices that are sold in Northern Ireland in accordance with the Northern Ireland protocol of the Brexit agreement. This could potentially lead to divergence in product standards with the UK.

This treaty keeps Northern Ireland within the single European market for goods while the rest of Britain is outside.

UK and EU

The UK remain at odds over how to reform the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Margrethe Vestager, Commissioner for Competition, celebrated the new rule via Twitter. She cited the “wastefulness” of using multiple chargers.

This technology giant is the largest manufacturer of smartphones with a custom charging port. The Apple Lightning connector is used by its iPhone series.

Apple was contacted for comment.

According to the , the new rule will apply to a variety of small and medium-sized electronic devices.

  • mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • e-readers
  • Keyboards and mice
  • GPS (global positioning system) devices
  • Headphones, headsets, and earphones
  • digital cameras
  • Videogame consoles for handheld devices
  • Portable speakers

After the approval of Parliament, EU consumers will soon have access to a single charger for all their electronic devices.

All mobile phones

All mobile phones, tablets, and cameras sold in Europe by 2024 will be required to have a USB Type C charging port. The obligation will be extended to laptops starting in spring 2026. This new law was approved by the plenary with 602 votes for, 13 against, and 8 abstentions on Tuesday. It is part of an EU-wide effort to reduce e–waste and empower consumers to make better choices.

The new rules will allow consumers to no longer purchase different chargers for every device they buy. Instead, they can use the same charger to charge all of their small and medium-sized electronic devices.

No matter what manufacturer they are, new mobile phones, tablets and digital cameras, headsets and headphones, handheld videogame consoles, speakers and portable speakers, ereaders, keyboards and mice, portable navigation systems and portable navigation systems, earbuds, and laptops that can be recharged via a wired cable and have a power supply of up to 100 W, must be equipped with a USB Type C port.

Fast charging is now available on all devices. Users can charge their devices with any compatible charger at the same time.

Encourage technological innovation

To avoid negative effects on consumers and the environment, wireless charging will become more common. The European Commission must harmonise interoperability standards by 2024. The so-called technological “lock in” effect whereby consumers become dependent on one manufacturer will be eliminated.

Consumers have more choice and information

The new chargers will have dedicated labels that inform customers about their charging characteristics. This makes it easier to check if the chargers they already own are compatible. The dedicated labels will allow buyers to make informed decisions about whether to buy a new charger or not with their existing product.The directive isn’t quite law yet

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